About Us

SD Cuisine®

SD Cuisine® is a catering company that offers San Diego style cuisine. SD Cuisine® is owned jointly by Diana Douglas-Schirmer and Shane Schirmer as a member-managed Limited Liability Company. Our family started in Wisconsin, from the love of food from different cultures around the world connecting right here in Madison, Wisconsin. SD Cuisine® would like to share the love of food that brought love to our family to You. SD Cuisine® is a Family Owned, Operated, Nigeria and San-Diego Inspired Business.

SD Cuisine® is an exciting, catering business with a unique approach to helping people enjoy home cooked meals with their families, offering our products to grocery stores as well as a catering company that serves the Wisconsin market. SD cuisine® will also cover a wide range of clients both individual and corporate clients.

Our goal is to establish a home in Madison, that brings you Hawaiian French Toast Originals, Wingz & Thingz and Earth RX of Wisconsin CBD for health, beauty and palate (#nextlevelgourmet). SD Cuisine® features Breakfast Sandwiches, Beef Suya, Chicken Suya, Potatoes (Garlic and Suya), Suya Seasoning and Smash Cookies.